Crop Insurance and Supplemental Specialty Insurance

rainandhailCrop Insurance and Supplemental Specialty Insurance is placed through Rain and Hail, LLC of Johnston, Iowa.

The Rain and Hail difference sets them apart from other agricultural insurance providers.  The difference is their commitment to always provide the best service possible to each and every customer, being employee owned, just like you, and believing in a strong safety net for America’s agricultural communities. Rain and Hail offers the following products/lines:

  • Multiple Peril Crop Insurance (MPCI)
  • Crop Revenue Coverage (CRC)
  • Revenue Assurance (RA)
  • Income Protection Coverage (IP)
  • Group Risk Plan (GRP)
  • Group Risk Income Protection (GRIP)
  • Adjusted Gross Revenue (AGR)
  • Livestock Risk Protection (LRP)
  • Livestock Gross Margin (LGM)
  • Crop Hail Insurance
  • Rain Insurance
  • Field Grain Fire Insurance
  • Haystack Fire Insurance
  • Pasture Fire Insurance
  • Agribusiness Insurance
  • Various other niche and specialty products