Weather Insurance

71758largelogoWeather Insurance is placed through WeatherBill, Inc. of San Francisco, CA.

WeatherBill coverage is served by Nephila Capital Ltd., one of the world’s largest and most respected weather risk and catastrophe reinsurance fund managers.  With over $2 billion in capital, Nephila invests in weather risks on behalf of a small group of large institutions that have invested in Nimbus Weather Fund, L.P.  Nimbus fully collateralizes the total risk for all contracts that WeatherBill sells with cash held in trust at the Bank of New York Mellon.

WeatherBill is offered by leading insurance, Financial and Industry providers around the globe.  Our “Pro Partners” deliver valuable weather risk management services to their clients, and differentiate from competition to improve customer satisfaction and growth.

  • WeatherBill enhances client relationships with immediate payout.  No underwriting, claims process, or proof-of-loss.
  • WeatherBill has custom coverage.  Choice of weather timing, location, and coverage amounts.
  • WeatherBill has free tools, weather research, planning and financial analysis to understand risk.
  • For Agriculture, WeatherBill provides a stable income supplement to crop insurance.
  • For Construction, WeatherBill provides a means to weatherproof construction costs and schedules

Weather is unpredictable; your bottom line doesn’t have to be.